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  • Look, Its been a while internet, but I missed you.

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  • 381183_10150426653009653_789234652_8311071_1363988630_n.jpgLets get one things straight.  Yes, I am Jason Morano.  As you can tell, i got a pool.  I would tell you the neighborhood, but I know that you would be up in my business begging for some drops of the ever so beautiful Scotch selection I have.

    Look people, I gotta hop into my Convertible BMW and ride those 370 horsies to my pad and get my drink on.   I spent 16 or so million this year, can you say the same thing?


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    I can eat like a big time baller

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    Everyone orders burgers, and I get the swordfish.  I get the swordfish because I’m a figher, I rule the ecpm sea with my sword-like facial features.

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  • What are you going to do about it?



    I was running

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  • Just wanted to make sure it was you guys… I LOVE you guys.


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    Coachella Jason

    Who i ran after

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    You know guys, I have been a bit distant lately

    And I want to possibly sell this great domain name… I was thinking a few thousand dollars would get the job done.

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    Just wanted to let everyone out there know that I ate some fish today and for once not out of a can.  To add, I had a delectable side dish of steamed lettuce.

    I hit the Gym for the second time this year, this body doesn’t keep itself rock SOLID.


    Im tellin ya this site

  • I've had my fill of being dragged here and there by the scruff of the neck, said Glew, licking his fingers, and now I'm either to be put on a ship or cast among a herd of horses.
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    Its going to be huge…

    Huger than Huge…

    Wait and See.

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